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October 2017

My solo show "Movements in Moment" at O2 Gallery in Austin, Texas runs from October 20 until December 30. The information is here.

September 2017

My large prints "Constellation #2" and "Constellation #3" will be included in the 33rd Annual Cleveland Print Fair (September 14 - 17) at Cleveland Museum of Art in Ohio. Please visit to Oehme Graphics Booth!
My work "Susurration" will be at ART MIX (Annual fundraising event) at Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art on September 15th.

August 2017

My latest work was reviewed by Michael Paglia at Westword.

July 2017

My Tyvek installation "Frozen" and "Flow" for the current exhibit at SPACE Gallery is sponsored by DuPont, the company that makes Tyvek.
Printmaking Residency at Flatbed Press in Austin, TX. Working with master printers, Katherine Brimberry, Tracy Mayrello and Veronica Ceci.